Monday, February 8, 2016

Tick, Tock

Painting by Randall Perkins
Tick, tock, a crow and a cock,
Sharing a tale of a corpse and a hen.
Sick, work, a hammer, a rock,
Bashing a skull or a shell or a friend.


  1. Wow!!
    Hey are you back on this blog or are you still at wordpress (which I always forget to check)?

    1. Hey there! I have website ADHD. I only use the Wordpress site to keep my portfolio and for the VERY occasional craft tutorial. I would like to start writing again, and I think this one makes the most sense for that. I put a couple of posts on Medium, but it feels so big and scary there. I wish I felt like writing more funny things, but I think the creative part of my brain has been in a dark place lately. Ain't nobody want that. Hope you guys are doing great!!! Hugs!!!

    2. I need to check in to WP more often!!
      MediuM!? Yikes another place!?
      Things are going pretty well with everything going on...xo