Thursday, May 28, 2015

Finding Yourself in Your Poison

Sometimes feeling like you're "home" is finding that warm blanket with the fur that's like a stuffed animal's fur and the comfy slippers that you wouldn't even risk wearing to the dumpster out back. Sometimes those things are shaped like a glass with maybe some ice cubes and some special sauce up in there. Now if you know me, you would know that my special sauce up until a few years ago was Pabst Blue Ribbon. It was about as comfortable a drink as a girl could get. I knew the exact amount that needed to be consumed most evenings to make my face relax from a crazy day at work. Today, as I grow to ripeness and my body's metabolism seeks other opportunities I am forced to consider a low carb alternative to my routine. Vooodka! Diet soda mixers and calorie-free sports drinks seemed the logical way to go for dilution. I choked that stuff down, and it did the trick, but it left me feeling like a high school prom date and not like the sophisticated lady that I sometimes pretend that I am. Then one day a co-worker told me HIS special sauce; vodka and soda water with a bit of lime. Maybe I subconsciously knew this was a thing, but it never occurred to me that it could be MY thing. "Too simple!" my mind told me. I pushed back that thought and purchased the ingredients and made myself a drink using my OCD measuring method that comes from liking my face to feel loose in the evenings and having a day job. I immediately discovered that this drink was perfect. Refreshing and tasty. And it fights scurvy!

Maybe you're in your 40's. Maybe everyday beer drinking is making you look bumpier. I invite you to join me in this next chapter of relaxation.

Here's my poison:

A Dixie cup of vodka (two shots)
The juice of 1/2 of a lime
Soda water

Pour these ingredients into a tall glass over three ice cubes. Repeat if needed. Put your feet up. You're home.


  1. Omg, Thank you! I'm totally trying this with gin in place of vodka. Up til now, my poison of choice (outside of beer) was gin and tonic, but because I can never drink tonic water before it goes flat (and it feels like a waste of money) I never make them at home. But soda water is awesome wiht or without gin. Huzzah!

    1. I literally tried everything to find that perfect combo. Every creative diet soda combo, every squirtable little tube thing, every flavor of sports drink. I even tried diet tonic water. I think tonic only is only really supposed to be married to gin. All left me with a sickening taste in my mouth the next day. Sean mentioned the soda and lime thing. I thought it wouldn't be sweet enough, but I realized what I craved wasn't the sweet as much as the tang. This drink is literally perfect!!! It's so light! Cheers!