Tuesday, December 30, 2014

R.I.P. Leelah Alcorn

So if you haven’t heard about it already, there’s this kid who committed suicide called Leelah Alcorn who lives really close to my mom. Near Kings Island, in Cincinnati. She was born with boy parts, but realized along the way that she was a girl. Thought that she was born inside the wrong body. Her parents didn’t want to believe this. They chalked all of this nonsense up to “a phase”. Said that, “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Her parent’s friends called her “selfish”. She was very talented. She was very intelligent. She was very creative. She wasn’t selfish. She wasn’t going through a phase. She was who she was. She was a she. Was a she. Was a she. Parts is parts is parts is parts…

She needed parents who loved her. Not judged her. Who loved her. Not judged her. Who loved HER!


JESUS moms and dads! Grieve for your sons and daughters who died to be reborn as your daughters and sons before you are grieving for your fucking corpses!!!

Any parents who want to write to me to correspond about what it’s like to be a PROUD parent of a successful and amazing transgender kid, contact me. We’ll figure it all out together!


P.S. I think Jesus would fucking LOVE my kid! Amen.