Friday, October 31, 2014

Cha-cha-checkin' In

Completely normal photo of me with my shit at Elm and Iron
Oh geez. It's been so long. Don't we get so wrapped up in our business? Our busy-ness? Our biz-naaaazzzzz? Sooo, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, my non-domestic life partner left my work space and squashed my very essence. Just kidding! I talk to her all the time. And I'm practicing "non co-dependent behavior" and "self control". I think I'm growing? Maybe?

So much has happened! Like I got some surgery. I went in to get one hernia hole fixed and got TWO hernia holes fixed. It's like a two for the price of two deal! Can I take a moment to rant about how much OSU sucks for outpatient surgery? Guess what, assholes... A girl who has had four holes poked through her belly and two patches tacked and stitched inside her body cavity might not be super ready to leave an hour after getting to the recovery room. And if I ever see that nurse who bitched about me grabbing her arm too tightly after trying to get up and out of the hospital bed to get my shit together... Oh, I will SO drop some rhymes on her. You can't stop me. Was I so pissed that I never went back for my follow-up visit because I was so pissed because everything sucked so bad there and I hate them? Did I mention that I was pissed? And that I hate them? Grrr... Note to everyone who thinks they need hernia surgery. OMG, DON'T DO IT!!! I would rather have lived with my slightly painful purple belly-bubbles. Pros: FIFTY PERCOCET! At least they did that right.

Stuff, stuff, stuff, then I got to participate in my very first trunk show!!! This was huge for me and made me so happy and then so stressed out and then so happy! I was asked by Elm & Iron to participate in an event called Wicked Wares. I had to do it. Who gets asked to do a thing like this when they are relatively washed up in all things art-related? And in one of my favorite stores in Columbus? Shit, man. I might have peed a little bit after reading that first e-mail. I got a mess of stuff together and made my brain try to have low expectations so that I wouldn't try to develop new bad habits if things went shithouse. The event turned out to be so fun! Like REEEALLY fun!!! And I made a little over a hundred bucks which was my secret goal. And I made new friends which is of even MORE worthiness!!! I rule!

I'll leave you with a few picture gems from the last month or so. I'll try to post something funny soon about my experience so far on the Atkins Diet. Man, there's some material there...

I love you!

Here's me on a pile of Percocets. Great time for a selfie!
Winston as part of the black and white photo challenge. So photogenic! (not so much...)
Can you guess the theme? Is it "the greatest co-workers ever?" That's one answer.
Sex toy or dog toy? Thanks to the dishwasher for making things weirder.
This kid.


  1. Whoo hooo! I have been missing you and wondering what the hell has she been up to! Two holes fixed? I'm not even going there.
    Good to see you, you gorgeous thing you!


    1. Carollllllll!!!! Yay!!! I love cyber touches! O.k., maybe that sounded weird. I was just stalking your blog and saw that you are making successful kimchi. That is for sure on my bucket list. And I loooooooooooove cabbage and Brussels sprouts! I will absolutely have to try this!!!

      Lots of love to you during this crap weather season!

  2. I love this and I love you!! One problem though- I NEED more pictures of that shit from the trunk show- I love that shit! Good to see you are busy and doing well, dear friend. Let me know if a)life settles down a bit and y'all want to get hotdogs at d.f.'s, b) it doesn't settle down but you still want to meet up for coffee or beers or breakfast foods.

    1. I love youuuuuuu!!!!! I so want to get hot dogs! I haven't done a happy hour any where in so long. It would be so nice. Maybe all the lesbians and you and me can meet out there some time after work!

      I'm going to try to see you on Saturday. I don't have seeds, but I might bring you some Oxalis bulbs that I'll have leftover from a craft I'm doing for Activity Connection. They look like shamrocks!

  3. Glad to see you back! And man, shouldn't it be easier to acquire quality pain medication? Glad you're better (in so many ways! Wow!) Keep doing art! (How can you not?) Pictures:1) Good selfie! These life-altering experiences need to be documented for posterity. 2)Winston! Bug eyed enthusiasm! Such a cute wittle fellow! 3)Fun co-workers! All great, but a special fondness for Yellow Brick Road. 4)No words! Not enough imagination. 5)That kid! Does you proud. Nice to read you! Hope to, again, soon! XXX

    1. Mary Joooooooooo!!!!! I love you checking in!!! You make my heart warm!!!