Sunday, July 6, 2014

Leaving Again

Where's Yoyo? Yoyo!!!
I guess I should be used to the semi-quarterly heart stomp that is a kid coming from/going to college. Should be no big thang. Still weird though. Honestly I can't figure out if it's heart ache or heart swell. One is a needyclingingco-dependentsadness. The other is a ohmygodmykidisbecomingindependentproudness. Two sides. Same coin.

The currency of letting go.

It's a process. For both parties. We continue to pretend like all of this is no big deal. But it is all a big deal. This is where we get to test the multitude of experiments that encompass the science of parenting. Did they mostly turn out o.k.? Do they routinely make good choices? Do they smell more-or-less presentable?

So my kid got a dog. Would not AT ALL have supported this decision, but this particular child is ATE UP for dogs and did the research and redtapework needed to have a dog on campus. It's a good dog. A sweet, fuzzy type of thing. Curly tail. Orange. Therapeutic.

Winston is already missing his best friend. His brother. He is proud of him for getting to go to college. He is happy that he gets to make new friends. He worries though. Will Yoyo be accepted? He barks. People hate barking. But he will certainly win them over. He has a sense of what it takes to make people like him. Not in a co-dependent way but in a "tell people what you think they want to hear" kind of way. Like that.

Alex and Yoyo will be awesome. They are awesome. Forever and ever. Amen

I (we) just miss them...

"Sharon, it's only been a few hours."

"I know."