Sunday, June 15, 2014


Sunday is funday! I finished the final projects for job #2 by lunch, so Dave and I went to North Market for Father's Day noms. YUM! Origins Game Fair was in town at the Convention Center so people-watching at the Market was at a premium. We played the games "Collect the Mobys" (counting men who look like Moby) and "Are they a bearded hipster or are they a homeless person?" (I know! It's hard!). After our foods, we traveled all over downtownish Columbus collecting faces. The ones in the photo above are from various buildings downtown and the new Columbus Architectural Salvage (even better than the previous location!). I know it's supposed to be Dave's day, but I so needed this.

Tonight we're going to see the amazingly funny Michael Ian Black. I might have to wear a Depends because I predict I will have some extreme laughter and I am seriously behind on my Kegels.

#bestfathersdayever #andiamnotevenafather #butiworkreallyhardandideserveabreak