Saturday, May 24, 2014

Getting Stuff Done!

Winston's dreaming about making art!
I'm listening to Genesis right now. Abacab. I've (no shit!) been thinking about this album for the last few weeks. Then one of my friend's kids who's in a band, while traipsing about town as musicians do, bumped into and got his photo taken with Phil Collins. Whaaaaat? So of course I took it as a sign and downloaded the first Genesis album I ever owned. My brother had the older Genesis albums. One of them even had Peter Gabriel on it. The older ones are GREAT, but there's something magical about Abacab. Maybe it's because it's so "my time". When a kid starts to pick out what SHE likes. The 80's. Well, not "THE 80's", but the EARLY 80's. When it was still cool to listen to Michael Jackson, to Journey, to Billy Squier. Before shit got weird. Before you hated your parents and before your wardrobe became black. Before you wanted to move to England and before you bought a guitar.

You know what I mean.

But what I meant to talk about is art.

Most of you know that I make stuff, but that it's not like "a thing". Like I don't try to "sell it on the internet" because I don't "have enough time to make enough stuff" to "have a real art career".


But lately, I've been looooonging to do nothing but make stuff. My own stuff. Not stuff with a deadline, but stuff that I want to make. With my own time frame. Stuff that might never get purchased, but created because I merely want to birth it unto the world. If no one wants it, I'll leave it on a park bench. I just want to make it. The stuff in my head. The stuff that never gets to be made.

The stuff that never gets to be made?

What a shitty notion! This is the saddest thing ever. Dead dreams. Ghost dreams. Taunting. Haunting. Why do we do this to ourselves? We say it's because we don't have time. We don't have the space. We are too busy. We are too tired. We can't afford the supplies.

These are all lies. But these lies kill us a tiny bit. And they steal tiny pieces of our soul.

NO MORE LIES! Make art! Here! Now! Today! Because you deserve to and because I say so!

I do not have enough time! 
Bullshit! There are so many hours in the day. You probably poop every day? Bring a sketch book! Do you watch t.v.? Save that time to do the hands-on portion of your project. The stuff that you don't need a brain for. You'd be surprised how much downtime you really DO have in a day. Do you think the 1/2 hour of Facebooking you do on a regular basis could be downsized? I'll bet your friends will forgive you. Honestly, finding time is my biggest obstacle, but DAMMIT, I'm going to figure this shit out because I don't want my dreams to die. My dreams don't deserve it! Neither do yours!

I don't have the space!
Find smaller shit to make! Get a rolling cart to do your projects on top of and store your stuff underneath. Table top easels instead of floor easels. Trays of stuff that can be moved from the top of the refrigerator to your dining room table. If you are a creative person, you already should be on top of finding creative spaces to work. If your family and/or dog can't seem to stay out of your shit, maybe you can work in your bathtub? I'm pretty sure you'll think of something.

I'm too busy!
Bitch, please... We're all busy. Don't be that asshole that always says, "When I retire, I'm going to do _______!" because you could die tomorrow with a hole in the universe where your art was supposed to be. If the world explodes because of your universe hole, I'm going to be really pissed. See the section about about finding time and get this shit under control.

I'm too tired!
Unless you are sick and need the rest, this one is pretty much bullshit as well. You literally just need to make some coffee or do some jumping jacks or hula hooping for a few minutes. Listen to Justin Timberlake or something. I know you work hard and you often come home and just want to relax, but this art ain't going to make itself! And really, you are going to feel SO AWESOME when you start creating! If you forget what this feeling is like then it's been far too long and you need to start immediately!

I can't afford the supplies!
This one is tricky because shit is truly expensive. But if you're a painter try experimenting with using wood planks from Lowe's to paint on and use crappy paint from JoAnn's (I do!). Shit, use cardboard and call yourself a folk artist! If you can't afford clay and kiln time, use paper mache (practically free!). I almost love the challenge of seeing what sturdy thing I can create from shittier materials. At some point it almost turns into science. When you DO get on Facebook, you can always put out a call for other artist's leftovers. Artists are generally a very supportive bunch. You'll get what you need!

There! Were you just waiting for the encouragement? I was too! Let's make a pact right now to get on each others asses about making art!


If you ARE still reading this, you should read my friend Cat's latest post about the creative process too. She's super funny and amazing! Is it weird that we both posted art-making encouragement posts within 24 hours of each other? See! It's in the air!!!

So read that, but then seriously GO MAKE ART!