Saturday, March 1, 2014

Red Skies At Night

The boys.

Just me and the dog tonight. It’s weird. So when’s the last time we hung out here? I guess it’s been a little bit, right? Let’s do some updates.

  • The dog is less than 48 hours from a good ol’ fashioned ball snippin’. As I type this he is VIOLENTLY humping my leg. AND farting. I am not even kidding. Talk about the worse date EVER! At least in the top ten. That’s sad
  • I picked up the remnants of a failed dream last week. As much as I loved the idea, I do not have time to effectively stock an antiques case. I suppose we’ll put this one on the back burner for now. Is it self-destructive that I was secretly hoping one of the dolls in the case (on the left) would magically come back to me? So I lost a tiny bit of money. Totally worth it!
  • I GOT A FUCKING iPHONE!!! Part of me feels like a sell-out, but I am truly a better person because of my phone purchase. The phone makes me more confident. The phone makes me feel like part of a wolf pack. I have Instagram. I can play a fishing game. I can look things up anywhere. I can watch a video. I can ask it if there’s a Noodles in Grandview. And there’s at least one hundred things I don’t even know it can do yet. Game changer. I should do a blog post JUST on my iPhone. 
  • Job is going o.k. Wallace had a show opening last night. To say that it was successful would pretty much be an understatement. Oh, you might not know this… Wallace has a BUILDING-SIZED mural of one of his paintings (on a building- duh) in the Short North. Do I sound a little jealous? Maybe it’s because I am a little jealous. Just kidding. Maybe?
So in the morning when I’m in the shower I have tons of ideas for blog items, but at nighttime, right before I go watch the Hulu I have beer ideas for blog items. I promise I’ll be more attentive to your needs (like you care). I’ve been really S.A.D. lately. Gloomy winter = depressing blog posts that I quickly delete. It’s getting better. Red skies at night! O.k., well not TONIGHT, but soon!