Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ripping the Throat Out of 2014!

You said a mouthful, Winston!
So here we are again, my friends. Another year down the ol' crapper. Were you successful in achieving all of your 2013 hopes and dreams? I hopes and dreams that you at least came close. It's important to make goals, you know. But REALISTIC goals. I believe that you should make ten goals every year and then hope to accomplish HALF of them. I think that would be nice. And half is way better than none! That's MATH!

Let's see how I did...
  1. I did not continue the "Don't Have Children, Get a Dog!" campaign. Not in a formal way. I DO continue to preach to those within my reach however. And it's something that I remain passionate about. Some day...
  2. I did not come close to writing a book. I DID however become obsessed with the most inspirational writer ever. I will continue to read and read and read. We'll call that research.
  3. Work out for at least 30 minutes a week? That's a cheat because my job is pretty physical and I'm hyperactive. So we'll say that's a YES.
  4. I don't think I went to the doctor, but I DID go to the dentist. 
  5. I didn't make a funeral slide show, but I DO think the person I've put in charge of my funeral will come through for me if this is still left hanging.
  6. I didn't create an urn, but I HAVE been saving supplies. I have a whole bag of my own hair! That's progress!
  7. OMG, I DID find another pair of work pants! SCORE!
  8. Score again! I DID start working a second job! 
  9. Etsy still down. Probably for forever. Probably whatever.
  10. Fix one thing around my house? Dave is working on the roof and he got some scary trees cut back. That counts BIG TIME!
So all-in-all, not bad! My motto last year was "AIM LOW!" I think that helped me retain a bit of the ol' self-esteem.

On to 2014! Let's make ten more and see what sticks! My motto this year is "Aim For Stuff That You Should Be Doing Anyway!"
  1. This first one is easy: SEE EVERY FILM MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY HAS EVER BEEN IN! I've seen a few of them about a dozen times, but I'm going to make it my personal goal to see every last one of them. I'm going to start with Tiptoes. HOW have I NOT seen this yet?
  2. I'd like to do something media-significant with my new dog (see above). That little fucker is cute as allgetout. He should probably be a model. Or at least the star of a comic. People lose their shit over internet stuff with animals. Perhaps it should be MY animal?
  3. Break even with my antique biz. Honestly, this is the funnest hobby ever. If I just DON'T LOSE LOTS O' MONEY I will be so happy. So far, so good. Good-ish.
  4. Keep up with all of the weird smells in my house. Be vigilant with finding aromatic resources. When the "big thaw" approaches, figure out the basement mold situation.
  5. Get life insurance. Someone who talks about dying EVERY DAY should have more than the work-appointed life insurance that would barely pay off the credit card debt. What a dead asshole I would be.
  6. On that note, finally finish and pay for my will on LegalZoom. I'm so sorry if you're reading this Mom. I still haven't done it. I bet my sister hasn't yet either. If I hurry, I can beat her. Then you'll love me more?
  7. Eat three servings of vegetables a week. That aren't pickled somethingorother. Or that aren't lettuceoniontomato. Three is the magic number.
  8. Buy all new socks. Like ALL new. Like I can keep a pair or two, but OMG, ALL NEW! ALL NEW SOCKS! 
  9. See something mind-blowing. I got to see the Quay Brothers introduce their new films two years in a row. That was pretty awesome. This year I want to see something that makes my head explode.
  10. Be more grateful. I have so much to be thankful for. I'd like to figure out how to turn my gratitude into something more tangible. What would that look like? Let's think about that.
Things that I've accomplished that WEREN'T on last year's resolution list were to experiment with making a tiny video and THIS. I didn't even know these were going to exist when I wrote my list last year. Both things I'm happy about (even though the video was difficult and turned out awful).

What are some things YOU would like to accomplish this year? It's good to make goals. It's even better to share them. You can do it!

Or at least HALF do it! Go you!


  1. Hoping you aren't working too hard or encased in snow and ice! Your last post did a disappearing act--sorry! I wanted to let you know I keep checking in on you (wait--that doesn't sound creepy or anything, does it? I check on you in a curious, delightful, caring way? I think I better stop now.) Any way, all your goals are worthy ones.
    I keep telling the cats they need to start contributing to household income, but so far they haven't come up with a plan.
    I eat more fruits than vegetables. To help counteract this, I buy frozen mixed vegetables, and use them in stir-fry and casseroles. (voila! Instant 3 servings, in one!)
    My younger son says if he was rich, he'd never wear a pair of socks twice--that's how much he loves new ones! One year I didn't get him socks for Christmas (thinking he didn't need or want his mom to get him socks, for petes' sake--) he was so disappointed!
    Easy on the mind-blowing! Have to keep that brain intact to experience even more great stuff!
    yeh--gratitude Project. have you seen MaryAnn doing 100 happy Days? I like that.
    Anyway, have a great day and HappyHappy New Year! Gotta get ready for work now. I'm grateful I have a job to go to even though it will most likely be slow and dull and it's very cold out and I'd so much rather stay home and keep reading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Chicago's only Working Wizard!) with cats on my lap. So it goes! Be well and happy, and hug dat wittle puppy for me!

    1. Your comments are such a soul-lifter! Thank you so much for checking in - it sure does warm my heart. I LOVE MaryAnn's 100 Happy Days thing too! It's been real inspiring to look at!

      It seems like the happy/funny side of my brain has been damaged, and I only feel like posting these days when I'm drunk and rage-y. I keep deleting posts that sound ridiculous "the morning after". It's probably weather-related depression, but I started taking some herbal shit that a hippie friend recommended. We'll see how that works. I really miss being in a good mood.

      I will for sure hug that puppy! As soon as he settles down... Which is apparently only when he is sleeping. The balls come off in a couple weeks. Huzzah!

      Oh, and I just looked up those books! I am going to put the first one on my list! Sounds like something I would love!

      Thanks for being an awesome friend!!!

    2. Just checking in--hope you're doing well! Happy Valentine's Day! XXX

    3. Thank you so much!!! Happy Valentine's to you toooooooo!!!!! Big hugs!