Friday, November 8, 2013

Spare Time

Geez, so we went shopping. I had some stuff to get.

"Do people usually make a shopping list for the antique store?"

"I had specific items I was looking for. I made a list. I put the located items in a basket. I went to check out."

BUT this time there was a sign on one of the cases by the cash register that said, "FOR RENT".


Out of curiosity, I asked the guy how much. He said $25 a month.

HOLY SHIT! I was paying nearly that much for World of Warcraft back in the day (a few months ago)! So I could do what I do in my house in a public space for only $25 a month? That's like a hobby price. And there's a possibility that I could make a buck?

We went to have wieners to think it over then doubled back to pay the first month's rent.

Within the first week I've made enough for a couple of bags of groceries! And I love it!

PLEASE come visit the case! I know that sounds lame, "visit the case!" But it will slowly morph into a carefully curated, super tiny space filled with items that are selected to create a creepy Americana aesthetic for your home. I sell toys, dolls, collectibles, taxidermy items, oddities, and of course, puppets. You know, things you need!

I'll be adding periodic updates with cool-ass shit that's going in the case! This week I'm adding a puppet, a frog skeleton encased in resin, an ashtray (in amazing condition!) made out of an alligator paw, and a street map of Columbus from the 1960's.


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