Friday, September 13, 2013

Beers, Squirrels, etc.

Here's a thing that happens. I drink a few beers then think about something that touches me emotionally, then I share that in a blog post. Usually it's about something that only applies to a small subset of persons that include me, maybe a guy who manages a comic book store, and that guy who always comes by himself to Ladies 80's.

Then I usually decide to delete the post the next morning (or to heavily edit at least).

But I've only had a COUPLE of beers, and I've been thinking about this book off and on all day (my co-worker Allison lent it to me). I've always been a David Sedaris fan, but this book in particular has been especially entertaining. It's written like a dark, twisted, miserable version of Aesop's Fables with often questionable admonitions. So far my favorite is the story about the two rats. I won't give anything away, but it doesn't end well. Most of the stories don't. And I think that is what I love the most. Real stories about real life. Told from the point of view of animals. Sort of.

Pick it up. I promise it is worth it. Mom, I think you'd like it.

Oh, and sort of related... Because this book made us think of the greater Sedaris family, Dave and I looked up old clips of Amy Sedaris on YouTube. THIS one was our favorite by far.


  1. Omg, i love this book. I have 'Naked' by him as well if you need more David Sedaris (and you do).

    The Audiobook for Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk is also awesome- great famous/hilarious comedians doing all the voices.

    1. Yeah, I'd love to borrow it! I haven't read that one. I might have to get the audiobook. I'd like Dave to read it too, and that might be a funny way.

  2. OOoh, I'll have to get the audio version of that one for Charlie... it sounds right up his alley!

  3. Oooh, I'll have to get the audio version of that one for Charlie, it sounds right up is alley!
    (apologies if this is a repeat comment, I think the internet ate my first one!)