Friday, August 30, 2013


So there's SOOOOOO many things wrong with this first video, but the point was to MAKE A FIRST VIDEO!!!

Hopefully, things will get less shitty, and less shitty, and less shitty. Louis had a blast! He wants to make another one soon. Hopefully it will be better. He's not sure. He doesn't care.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coming Soon! YouTube Debut - Louis!

OMG! Louis will NOT shut up! He's been listening from the other room to all of the YouTube videos that I've been watching about iMovie editing.

"Excuse me, but I am not getting any younger. Do you know what the average lifespan is for a rabbit?"

"I am working on it!!! This week! I promise! No lie!"

I had mentioned in my last post that I was going to make a video. The camera is charging! It's going to happen!

This feels so right. I can't believe I haven't done this until now.

"A-hem... I hate to be a bother by asking this, but why haven't you tried to make a video until now?"

"Good question, Louis. Let me explain..."

I hate to fail.

That's really it. I wish I was not shallow. I wish I did not care, but truth be told, I really desire to limit the amount of shitty things that I make. There's stuff that I know things about, but film-making is for sure not one of them.

"A-hem... It's me, Louis again... Don't you spend a lot of time looking at cat videos? I'm not sure that the cat owners who post those videos know a lot about film-making. They just put those on the internet, and then you watch them. I don't mean to be a critic, but some of them do not look like they have been edited at all. I think I can do at least as good as the cat ones. I have been practicing my speeches while you are at work. I am ready for this. Please, you should just give me a chance."

"This week, Louis! Your debut."

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Die Trying?

Let's get right down to it. How's your list going? Your bucket list? I've been thinking a lot about THIS post and feeling like a complete schmuck. I've done little to nothing about checking off the big "to do's" It's been over a year. I have no excuses. I am a failure.

Have you learned how to work ANY type of movie camera then edit such an amount of video? Shit, Sharon, even babies know how to do that now! Like everyone in your household knows how to do that. What the fuck have you been doing that you can't eek out an hour to learn how to do that in over a YEAR? Is this REALLY important to you? Is this REALLY something you've wanted to do your whole life? You have a really shitty way of showing it. Bucket list? Maybe fuck-it list is more like it.

OMG, Universe!!! I've had so much shit to do. Won't you please back off?

What "shit to do?" You've had NORMAL amounts of shit to do. You have NO excuse for not learning how to edit a fucking video. You have two... TWO video cameras in your house. You have TWO people close to you who have edited and uploaded fairly quality videos. These people will teach you for free. You do not have to sign up for a class. You do not have to drive to a location. They live with you.

You're right, Universe... I cannot cross over to that other plane of existence until I make a small film. I feel it's in "the contract".  I will put it on my calendar. I will make sure the camera is charged. I will make sure there is ample room on my computer's hard drive (whatever that is). I will make a contract with my readers. I will say that by the end of October I will upload a small, edited film to YouTube.

It might not be great.

But then I can die. Or die trying.