Sunday, June 30, 2013

Like a thief in the night...

OMG, hi!

(pause for virtual hugs)

It's been, what... like two weeks? Like three weeks? How ARE you? How's that one thing that you've been working on? OMG, that's great! You look amazing! Have you been doing something different? Maybe with your hair? Do you even AGE anymore? Are you a wizard?

Oh, me? I've been great! Well, I got robbed last weekend, but no bigs. Yeah, just a couple grand worth of stuff, mostly gaming stuff and wallets and whatnot. Were we home? Well SURE we were home, but we were sleeping. I KNOW! We slept through the whole thing! And our bedroom was like RIGHT next to the living and dining rooms where they hit. It seems like it all went rather smoothly though. Thank God!

Oh no, I'm totally fine! I mean, I DO make sure everything important I own is near my pillow before I go to bed, and I have hiding spots around the house for everyone's belongings, and I go around and turn lights on in different places every night, and I wake up periodically to look out the window, and I have the cactus with googly eyes guarding the window that the robbers came in through. But yeah, everything's fine!

Insurance? Oh yeah, we have really GOOD insurance. Well, no, they can't really help much in this case because of the way they go about replacing items versus our deductible. But we didn't really need all that stuff.

Oh I know! I'm so glad no one got hurt. And I'm REALLY glad I decided to not sleep without pants that night. Can you even imagine? The robbers would have been completely grossed out, lol!


Even if you live in a shitty neighborhood where being robbed is not a shocking occurrence, realize that there will be some emotional fallout and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a break in. Whether the robbers came in while you were away or while you were at home, having your safe place violated is a deeply disturbing thing. Take time to talk about it, take stock of what matters most, and watch a shitload of funny movies and YouTube videos.

Next week will be better!


  1. Well, dang---I commented but it didn't show/it went away. So I'm starting over. (To repeat:) OH..MY..GOD! That just sucks! I HATEHATEHATE thieves! (Drug habits are NO EXCUSE, either!) A big mean dog/ high-strung little yapper called for?(I hate guns, too)Booby traps at windows? I'm thinking bells, things that will shatter, mouse/rat/leg-hold traps? You should smudge your house to clear out their evil, negative energy,too. I want to believe I have cat-like reflexes and would wake up if I heard someone breaking in, but cats make noise all the time, and I just sleepily think "oh, it's just the damn cats" and go back to sleep.
    Sending you tons! of good, healing vibes and comforting hugs too. Thank goodness you can still appreciate healing properties of humor! (And what a freakin' poem THOSE labels make!)

    1. Thank you sooooooo much, Mary Jo!!! We've actually been looking at dogs. I think it might actually happen. And maybe the guns too, not sure about that one. Your suggestions seemed way more logical than guns, lol!

      I had to turn on comment administration because of the heavy spamming, so comments are for sure happening, it just takes me a bit to put them through.

      Thank you so much for your amazing support and friendship.