Monday, May 20, 2013

Rosie the Riv-frigerator!

"Sharon, why has it been so long? We long for your funny way of looking at the world!"

"OMG! I have shit to do! And I've been cutting back on the beers, and this blog has a 3+ beer posting rule.*

But seriously. The refrigerator.

So for weeks our refrigerator has been like a rainforest. Like leftovers have become saturated in mysterious fluids. The crisper bins have been swimming pools for forgotten produce. Everything coated in packaging has become like old lady tits in a thick, soaking, polyester bathing suit.

Not good.

I really want to live like normal people who take care of things. The knowledge is out there. I can do this. I can fix things.

I looked ALLLLLLL OVER the internet for instructions with pictures on how to fix my problem. THIS LINK solved everything. The only interjection I have is that I did NOT have to remove the back panel at all. Just the bottom panel. Which is two small bolts which I removed with shitty needle-nose pliers. Then I poured hot tap water down the hole a bit... Went next door to hang out with the adorable gay couple for a bit... Came back and BAM! The thing was clear!

Summary: Spend a lot of time on the internet and hang out with gay people.

*Often posts are deleted the next morning due to the 3+ posting rule.


  1. What??!! NO COMMENTS? I can't believe it. Let ME!
    (Again, I bow to the poetry of your labels. I so look forward to your posts!)


    And I wanted to just say I'm not a mopey sad sack who feels sorry for herself ( still worrying about how I came across last time I wrote) Most of the time I like...I NEED to be alone.( With cats, of course.) But I identified with writing posts as "Reaching out to world beyond own 4 walls and what one hopes are like-minded peeps" and receiving/hoping/looking for for a kind of validation in "likes".

    Congratulations on takin' care of business and fixing your fridge.I just love how you can find out how to do ANYTHING on-line. Access to info for greater good is internet's best and highest function!

    1. I love you Mary Jo!!! We will have to share some sort of beverage in our futures.