Sunday, May 26, 2013

Graduation and Lumbar Support

Dollar Tree, mothereffers!

Have you ever been so physically tired that even beers didn't sound good? Like not the ones you drank DURING the physical activity. Those were good beers. I mean the, "Damn, what a DAY! I could really use a couple of beers!" beers? And I thought that maybe some ice cream would be a good replacement reward for a day of grueling labor. I even got up and made it half way to the kitchen, looked at the freezer, then sat back down. Then I just stared at the computer. Then I thought about going to the bathroom. Then, since I'm having trouble moving my limbs and I'm pretty sure that soon my finger muscles will seize, I decided to log a quick post to announce a wonderful purchase I made today.

But first some back story (pardon the pun that you'll get if you keep reading).

My oldest is graduating from high school on Saturday (note: My youngest is graduating too. From middle school. And while I'm sure she is a little miffed that we are not making a huge deal of it, she is going from the 8th grade to the 9th grade. But I told the bakery to put her name on the cake. But I told them to make it smaller.). So everyone is coming back here after the ceremony for food and festivities. Like my mom, my kid's other grandparents, other ex-family. So mainly people with nice homes. Is it just me or does everyone wait until days before they plan to have "people who might judge them" (who actually probably won't) come over to TOTALLY overhaul their house and yard? Yesterday and today we re-dug and re-stacked a fire pit, re-concreted the stairs, dug up old pavers and re-stacked the wood pile, moved one pile of wood waste and one pile of rock waste to another part of the yard, tidied up the compost area, filled lawn bags, weeded the yard, burnt off old wood (including one and one half Christmas trees), moved pavers to the rock waste pile, filled more lawn bags, dug up an old planter, mopped the vinyl siding on the front of the house. AND I went to Dollar Tree to buy supplies for the party. AND because I really like to see all the things one can buy for a dollar, I went through every aisle. AND I found an item made by wizards (see above photo) that I'm using right now. I'm going to go back and get one for the car (probably two for the car), one for work, and one "just in case". I Googled "mesh back support" and there were some exactly like the one at Dollar Tree that were much more than a dollar.


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