Friday, April 5, 2013

Well, ain't that sexy? And why you should get a bra at Victoria's Secret.

Things were getting a little strange up there. I kept saying things like this to my husband...

"Does it look like I have four boobs?"

YOU know what I'm talking about. Like your REGULAR boobs AAAND the ones that come out the top of your bra. The pudding boobs. Was this whole deal my boob's fault or my intimate wear's? I was starting to think that it had something to do with my semi-annual trip to Target's underwear section and purchasing sub-standard goods. I'm pretty sure that this was a full-blown bra dilemma. Damn you, Target! You are so limited in your awesomeness!

Maybe there are others who've got this boob thing licked (ha ha). Maybe having my business in all the right places isn't such a far fetched idea. I started threads on lists, I did some research on-line. The consensus was that I needed to take a trip to Victoria's Secret. I was fully on board with spending a fortune on bras as long as they solved all of my life's problems. "Fuel the jet!" I said. "We're going to the mall!"

I picked a few bras in what I thought were my size and took them back to the dressing room. The lady who showed me my dressing room was beautiful, and she said...

"Have you been measured in the last six months?"

I said "no" which wasn't a lie since I've never been in a Victoria's Secret's dressing room. I put the "let's start here" bra on as instructed and pushed the button for her to come. This lovely lady came into my private area and proceeded to wrap the measuring tape around me in several areas, and then she decreed what my size is in real life.

Ask me if it was anywhere near what I've been wearing for the last few decades.

"Sharon, was her bra decree anywhere near what you've been wearing for the last few decades?"

No, it was not.

Holy shit! She came back with A DRA-WER full of items to try on, each more awesome than the next. I didn't know what to think. It was mind-blowing.

After like a half-hour I found the most awesome thing in the world, laid out 52bucks, and went home with perfection.

Ask me if everyone's all like, "Damn, girl. Nice tits!"

"Well? Are they?"

In my head, they all are.


  1. THAT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! Ever since the tender age of 13 or so I have evidently been wearing the wrong size (yep, they stopped growing around that time), and the ladies with measuring tape over at VS kindly corrected me, not too long ago, and I have been more comfortable ever since. How did I get it so wrong?

    I have been reading through your blog this morning, which I had lost track of for quite a while, and chuckling a lot. I'm so glad you're still writing! And I think you should write a book. I would buy it.


    1. OMG Kristin! It's so nice to hear from you! Thank you so much for the comment!

      Big hugs!

  2. Having some one actually measure you for the right size bra is the best thing in life! I had that done awhile back at a department store, and couldn't believe I was so off!

  3. Oh Carol! So nice to hear from you! You are my blog hero!

    1. I have been meaning to post for ages - I can be a bit shy to post on other's blogs. (though you have me interested in why I'm your blog hero!?)

    2. I love your blog! You post about stuff that other people wish was their life. All of your photos are lovely, and you have such interesting ideas and tips. I just love it!

    3. *blush* thanks so much Sharon! Seriously, you made my day. xox
      And once of these days, given that we're both Ohioans, we'll have to meet!

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