Monday, February 25, 2013

New Shit!

Over the next few days I'm putting up in the Etsy store (link above somewhere) 10 new little gals and fellas to wear around your neck to keep you company and to share your secrets. Any feedback is appreciated! Like... are there enough people who would want something this creepy as a necklace? The director of my company looked at my prototype with unmasked disgust. Not sure that she's my market. I keep trying to make them "cuter", but I think that part of my brain is broken.

These little guys even have an incredible back-story about their creator, Dr. Mortimer Crum, being captured during WWII and being forced to perform genetic experiments to create human/animal hybrids, and upon his escape rescuing his "children" and hiding them in his attic and caring for them until they could be adopted.

Yeah, I'm not sure this helps.


  1. OH EM GEE!
    These are amazing.
    The poems? amazing.
    The adoption certificate and care instructions? amazing.
    You? amazing.

    (imma wait until they're all up before I decide which one calls to me to take it home...)