Friday, February 22, 2013

If I Say It Here, No Take Backs!

I get these things from this on-line marketing company. E-mails. Like spam.

It's weird, because some go directly to the spam box, and some come through to my regular e-mail. There's no rhyme nor reason.

Or is there? (cue alien music)

One week ago I got an e-mail from these people about an on-line "course" about writing e-books. They spoke of this as if it was the new pyramid scheme. A "sure thing" (of course, they went on to talk about hiring writers and junk).

I have to say, the free part of the course was actually very informative and somewhat inspiring. To summarize, this is the stuff Sharon came away with:
  1. ANYone can write an e-book.
  2. You should write an e-book about something you are familiar with.
  3. What the fuck is it that people ask you about the most?
Here's what I came away with...

I should write an e-book about getting a divorce.

HOLY SHIT! Most e-books (or non-e-books for that matter) out there on the subject are written all serious-like. What do my girls need most during this super-shitty time of their life?


It's not like I like to constantly be reminded that I've made some very bad decisions early-on in my life, but now that I'm on "the other side" of this thing called divorce, I've come to terms that I have some very valuable information to pass on.

And I'm funny.

Stay tuned...


  1. Sharon... I think I need that ebook stat...and maybe some