Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! I mean, to YOU!

click on the link below for a PDF version!

Remember when you were in school and on YOUR birthday YOU were expected to bring in treats to share with your class? You didn't know yet that this was utter bullshit and that people should be showering YOU with gifts and good tidings.

Kids are generally stupid.

But then you grow up and somehow the notion of bringing treats doesn't quite wear off. Why is there a day of the year that you deserve to be "emperor" and to subject others in lower positions to serve you and to purchase for you goods and/or services? Eff that, I will continue to be the lowest of them all!!! TAKE MY STUFF!!! LIKE ME!!!

Who's stupid now?

So in honor of my birthday on February 2nd, I give you a fun PDF file "treat" (featuring my favorite puppet, Louis) to download and print to give to your honey for Valentine's Day and beyond. You can manipulate the file into a smaller version to make into a card. Someone you know might find it funny. I hope you like it. I can put icing on it if you want...

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