Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Today is the first day of the rest of your year...

Illustration by Frances Brundage (1854–1937)

Whaddup 2013?

Because I thrive on disappointment and regret, I have decided to again make some New Year's resolutions. But this year I'm punching Baby New Year in his wee noisemaker and keeping things on the list a bit mo' real. "Aim low!" That's my motto for 2013.

  1. Step up the "Don't Have Children, Get a Dog!" campaign among new couples or anyone planning on procreating. This was my 2012 brainchild that had only just begun to take form. I'm planning on maybe a book or a website or at least a mission statement for the sometime distant future. Or not. "Aim low!"
  2. Write a book. Or start a book. Or think about a book. Maybe write an outline. Whatever...
  3. Work out at least 30 minutes a week.
  4. See a minimum of one doctor.
  5. Plan my funeral slide show. You never know! I want to be ready. And I want it to have cat breading.
  6. And on that note... Create an urn for my dead, cremated self.
  7. Find another pair of perfect work pants and perhaps burn current work pants.
  8. Figure out a way to make a few more thousand dollars. Or a few more dollars.
  9. Take down my Etsy site until I have something worthwhile to sell. No planned date for that. 
  10. Fix one thing that is falling apart in my house.
OH MAN! That feels great! I'm pretty sure that I will look back on 2013 and shine like a fucking ROCK STAR!!!

...And THAT ladies and gentlemen is how you write a New Year's resolution list.


  1. Omg Sharon, is one of your goals to make me laugh out-loud? Achieved. I just read this entire post out loud to chad and we both love it.
    2013- woo!

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  3. I laughed out loud too! I have #2 and #3 on my list too. The others (except for 5 & 6) I've thought about! I'm very interested in what you do for #1. I would buy your book/read your blog! Dante and I are thinking in 2 years to have a kid, so you're words of wisdom would be super valuable!