Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I HATE Snow!

A picture of a plastic snowman because I hate snow so much I don't even want a real snow image in my camera.
I just fucking hate snow. O.k., so I got sent home from work which is great, but I can't go anywhere which is bullshit. Here's the thing. I probably wouldn't have gone anywhere anyway. But when you CAN'T go anywhere it feels like you're recovering from surgery... Without Percocets! You're stuck. And that makes me depressed.

"Sharon, maybe you could use this time to make something?"

"I'm trying, but all I can think of is how much snow sucks and how I really, really hate when people say, 'Oh, I just love snow, it's SO beautiful!'"

Like sometimes we watch that living-in-Alaska reality show and I feel disgust. And don't get me started on people who go on Alaska cruises. OMG! What on earth could possibly be wonderful about ice and snow? Is it the polar bears? I'm sorry, but they look weird and act stupid.

"Seriously, you're capping on polar bears?"

"It's the snow! It makes me crazy!"

O.k., looking back on the last couple of days, perhaps the crazies COULD be from 99% of my calories coming from cookies. And here I thought Christmas cookies held magical powers.

Maybe that's what Satan wants you to believe.

And we just got weird.

O.k. before I alienate everyone, I leave you one more reason to hate snow. The creepy-ass Snow Miser. GROSS!


  1. omg I love snow!


  2. I know you love snow. You're grandfathered in so I can't hate you.

  3. lol,maybe this will help?

  4. OMG! You fucking rock!!! This is PERFECT!!!

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