Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Post

Vince, Mark, Steph, and Ghost Dave at Jefferson Hall
I reeeally love Thanksgiving. There's something about a holiday that compels most people to really reflect on everything they have. It is nice... And it involves a bit of feasting. I do love feasting.

Tied for number one on my thankfulness list this year: Friends and family. New marriages mean slowly getting to know a whole new set of relatives, and I couldn't be more blessed. And friends... Oh man, I feel very indebted to many friends in circles of varying circumferences. My friends and family make me a relatively sane individual and keep me motivated to emerge from my bed every morning.

And I'm super thankful for road trips! Last weekend David and I were able to have a small getaway to see friends, putz around, and relax. It was nice... And it involved a bit of the following:
Written on a window at Starbucks.

Our view of Cincinnati from our hotel in Covington.

Stopped at a flea market. MANY tables of Hostess snacks. RIP Hostess...

A pile of rusty tools. LOVE!

A cow skull painted with blue craft paint and then sprinkled with glitter.

Hell yes!

And then there's this guy...