Monday, October 15, 2012


"Remembrance Tree #2: Resurrection"
"Remembrance Tree #1: Begin Again"
Holy shit, do I need a day off! 

"Sharon, aren't you actually, right now, having a day off?"

"Oh yeah..."

ANNND I'm all by myself! ANNND I thought I had a work meeting to briefly attend today, but it's actually tomorrow. ANNND I might actually get to finish unpacking all the art/antiques so that I'm surrounded by lovely things. ANNND I'm running errands alone... Which I actually don't like... But it will be a "growth experience!"

"What's the haps, Sharon? Why so exhausted?"

"See the above photos!"

So I had to wait until we moved before I could start on my pieces for Por Vida so that I could set up a space to work and locate all of my packed supplies. Which all happened a WEEK before the due date. DOH! So pretty much ALL last weekend and every morning before work and until midnight after work I worked on these two sculptures. Even though shit was craaay, these were some of the most fulfilling things I've ever worked on. Like a true birthing experience. Which is why I am spent. SPENT, I TELL YOU!!!

Here's the tiny blurb about these pieces...

"For Por Vida V, Sharon created two Remembrance Tree sculptures. Planting a remembrance tree has been done historically to tangibly mark the passing of a loved one. The trees created for Por Vida V are not specific for an individual loved one but instead glorify the re-creation inherent in the life-death-life cycle."

I hope I get to see you at the event!