Monday, September 17, 2012

Till Death...

Mondays, right? Well, while YOU folks are busy slaving away for The Man, I will be driving to Hocking Hills to attend my boss's beautiful, woods-y wedding! What a perfect day! For her wedding gift I made her and her betrothed a custom cake topper. Whilst making the aforementioned cake topper I realized that caketopperism is quite the bridal-biz racket. Like $100-$200/per topper type of racket. I likes me them numbers. Hmmm...

Congratulations, Courtney and Dennis! May all of your days be full of love!


  1. Can't believe I didn't comment on this. As awesome as it is in the picture, it is even MORE AWESOME in person. Especially atop the world's best and most giantest chocolate cake. You are a great artist and friend Sharon!

  2. This is the best cake topper I've seen in all the 10987483Q987 weddings I've been to this year!