Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

So my kids are still sleeping and my amazing husband had to make me the breakfast in bed, but I still think it will be a wonderful Mother's Day. Not as full of expectations as a birthday, but with the freedom to announce, "Fetch me my ______, it's Mother's Day!" Or, "You cannot possibly think I will do ______ for you today, it's Mother's Day!" And I will be traveling to see my own mother to bestow my gratitude and a few tokens of my love for all that she had to endure. I bought her a cute card, but honestly I've been wanting to find a Mother's Day card for ages now that reads something like...

"Thank you for not drowning/stabbing/suffocating us for all those years
while you performed a thankless fucking job with little recognition for your hard work."

And for some reason Hallmark won't return my calls.


  1. And as an unrelated aside, as a birthday giftie for myself, I decided that Randall needed to come live in Tennessee w/me.

  2. Oh, man! You are awesome! I might include something else from me!

  3. He arrived today.... I absolutely adore him!
    And thank you for the extras!