Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OMG! Please Come!

So putting together this exhibit has been just a tiny bit like giving birth. But just like the real deal, when it all comes together an unbelievable feeling of joy and release washes over you and then you are left with the most beautiful gift in your arms. Or in your gallery.

Holy shit! These pieces are simply stunning. I LOOOOOVE my MAW's and I of course love my Open Door artists. The marriage of the two in this exhibit is breathtaking.

I hope you can join us on Saturday to celebrate this fantastic collaboration.

And while we're all here I'd like to give a humongous shout out to my coworkers for all of their awesome help and for not stabbing me. I love you!


  1. Well your baby is going to be beautiful. It has been fun to watch this event come together and you are doing such a good job at the helm! Can't think of a better way to spend the hours of 5-7 that day!

  2. I am hoping to make it to the opening....work until 6 so it will be right at the end but should see you!