Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Love My Nerd Kids!

Alex and Nora as characters from Homestuck
What mother wouldn't be proud of kids that spend the whole weekend dressed up like on-line comic characters who then meet up with other kids dressed like on-line comic characters in public places throughout the city?

While raising nerd kids presents some challenges (incessant shopping for props for cosplays, countless hours on the computer traveling to distant worlds, potential association with creeps), nerd culture can be a wonderful and healthy outlet for youth. The amount of research that goes into developing their personae helps kids to make future adult choices. When shopping for costumes, a kid has to evaluate cost versus quality. They have to calculate when cosplay/con events occur versus shipping time of their costume elements. They have to organize schedules of cosplay/con events versus family schedules.

And nerd culture takes up a lot of kid's "free" time. Time that they COULD be spending doing drugs or stealing car stereos. Time that they COULD be participating in life-threatening sports. In general, nerd kids get into less trouble and have a greater life expectancy. I'm sure there's a statistic to back that up.

Yay nerds!

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