Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paper Goods

Drop off for CAW's Creating Our History show is Tuesday, and I'm spending this weekend finishing up a couple of pieces. This one I just finished today...
Syrmaticus sapiens
Syrmaticus sapiens (detail)
Have you ever had a project where you sort of have an idea of what you want the thing to look like, but you have to make everything up as you go along? That's this piece.

I knew that I wanted to do a bust, but I wasn't sure of what. I went to the antique store to find unique bases on which to mount this piece and another piece that I wanted to make. I found a wooden cactus sculpture carved onto a thick tree cross-section. The cactus sculpture was very sturdy and the rough bark of the base was super-cool so after I listened to it for a bit, I think the sculpture asked me to make a bird-man out of it. I covered the cactus with a ton of newspaper and masking tape and formed a head shape, then I applied gobs of papier mache all over it while leaving the tree bark exposed. While the head was drying, I had a conversation with myself about what to make the facial features out of. I (we) decided to use Creative Paperclay Modeling Material. After the face pieces were dry and primed, I attached them with glue and nails to the primed head. After staining and detailing the piece I gave it some final avian touches by attaching pheasant wings and pheasant feather eyebrows.

I usually am a person who requires a great deal of predictability in Real Life, but for some weird reason, I seem to thirst for "the quest"' when it comes to art projects. I think the point where I went from mostly painting to mostly sculpture corresponds directly to the point where I gave up playing World of Warcraft. To some degree we all desire a challenge. Without such a thing, we grow stagnant and covered in algae.

Today may you accept The Quest (however that may apply to you)! Just be mindful of the Murlocks...

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