Thursday, February 16, 2012

Can I Get a What-What?

The family that arts together...

So at the house we're trying this "thing" called "Art Club" on Wednesdays (a.k.a. "slow t.v. night"). For our inaugural night we worked with Amaco Claycrete Paper Mache clay. As a quasi "art educator", I shared with my family about how "this shit is WAY less expensive than Sculpey or Creative Paperclay" and how "when you mix it you need to turn the exhaust fan on unless you want to inhale a lung full of paper dust."

It was a productive night with an eclectic mix of show tunes and Blondie and some yummy hot chocolate. I created a stumpy, little superhero who when finished will be called Super Peen. Dave started with a promising homage to Mr. Magoo but scrapped it midway to make a companion piece to Super Peen. Nora played it safe with a custom wand and an item that she mumbled had something to do with a "role play". Nerd (just kidding). Alex started a super badass plague doctor mask. FUN!

Next week when everything is dry we'll paint our creations. I'll post pictures of the ones that get finished (maybe not Super Peen?). Even if you don't do something every week, consider grabbing some family members or some friends and planning an art night. There are tons of great resources out there for fun projects to make. Two of my favorites are Cut Out + Keep and Craftbits. You can find projects on those sites that have minimal supply costs, and if you're lucky you'll find some that use common items that you probably already have on-hand. Add music, beverages, chocolate...


Dave's Mr. Magoo inspired sculpture

Alex's plague doctor mask in progress

Nora posing with her wand

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