Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Best Valentine's Day Craft Ever!

O.k., now THAT'S quite a boast!!! How about, The Best Valentine's Day Craft Ever For the Partner Who Has Everything!? Or maybe, The Best Valentine's Day Craft Ever for Your Friends Who are New Parents!? Well, that's just gross.

My Bloody Valentine (and you should DEFINITELY be listening to the song Only Shallow while you make this!!!)

  • One discarded baby doll head (I bought a doll from a thrift store for $0.50 and used the arms and legs for another craft)
  • One heart plaque (you can also find something like this at most craft stores or even some dollar-type stores)
  • Saw-tooth picture hanger and little nails plus a hammer
  • X-ACTO knife and a pencil
  • Pink, white, black, and brown craft paints and paint supplies and paper towels
  • Two screws a bit longer than the thickness of your plaque plus a screwdriver or drill
  • Black and red colored pencils
  • Clear, matte varnish of some sort (or even some thinned-down, matte Mod Podge)
  • Lace (I used the edge off of an antique, stained handkerchief)
  • Red fancypants-type ribbon (I scored some cotton, antique stuff!)
  • E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive (this is the most badass shit!)
Let's do this!:
  1. Let's just start this whole thing out by attaching the hanger to the back of the plaque. I often forget to do this until my crap is all finished, often making this a complicated endeavor. Just do it now.
  2. Write out whatever effed up thing you want to say to your loved one on the baby's forehead in pencil first, then carve over it with your X-ACTO knife. Get in there real good and deep (say "real good and deep" with a mountain-folk twang).
  3. Paint the baby head with several coats of white paint and the plaque with several coats of pink paint. Let that shit dry.
  4. Attach the baby head to the plaque by: A) Putting a dab of E-6000 on the back of the head where it meets the plaque and B) Screwing two screws through the back of the plaque into the back of the baby head. While I had the glue out, I also glued my doll's eyes open. 
  5. Stain the baby head and the plaque. Mix a small amount of black and brown paint. In small sections, paint on a bit of the mix then quickly wipe it off with a paper towel. If you accidentally apply too much, just get the paper towel a little wet and wipe off more.
  6. After the stain is dry, you can embellish the baby head with some colored pencil. You ESPECIALLY want to highlight the carved words in the forehead. With a supersharp red pencil, really get in the carved areas so that it looks all scabby in there. To make the baby look even more effed up, use red pencil around the eyes. Use the black colored pencil to add some shading around the carved areas and the eyes and anywhere else you think might be nice.
  7. Coat the whole thing with some varnish.
  8. Use E-6000 to attach ribbon around the outside of the heart and to attach lace around the neck hole of the baby.
BAM!  Valentine's Day gift!

I heart you!

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    1. Thanks for posting this! The only problem I had, was once I sliced my finger open on the exacto knife, it was tricky to use the colored pencils, LOL. You're amazing!

    2. OH NO!!! I hope you really didn't cut yourself!!! Maybe I should add a disclaimer...

      Take care, Danielle! Great hearing from you!

    3. Like what? "If you're a dingbat, be sure not cut yourself on the razor blade knife, because, yeah, um, it's sharp"? I had no faith that it would turn out (since I have zero artistic talent), but it turned out wonderfully! Your instructions were spot-on. Thanks again!

    4. YAY! If you have a picture, please send it!!!

    5. I'll email them to you. I actually made two, but I turned one into a bank. Thanks again for doing these blog posts, they're so much fun!