Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Late Happy New Year

Oops! I meant to write some brilliant words of wisdom to herald in the new year a lot closer to the day of the new year. But hey, joke's on you, I never had any words of wisdom to begin with! I know, you're all like, "Damn, I was really waiting on something to spark my chakras or chis (or cheese?) or auras or whathaveyou, but hey, I'm not a magician (but I dream that I am quite often!).

What WILL be coming to you shortly in the new year is me bitching about the MOUNTAIN of appendix bills that currently sits next to my computer (or maybe not, I might have gotten that out just now), aaaaaaaand a valuable lesson on modelling media - like just about everything you can think of that you can model with that's not ceramic BAM! in one jam-packed post. In true yaysockpuppet fashion, I often enjoy posting about stuff that I really wish I could find out there in the interwebs. This is (will be) a post that I truly wish had been written (and maybe it has been, but I haven't found one as awesome as mine will be).

Stay tuned!!!

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