Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Secret

So, a couple years ago I watched "The Secret" with some friends, and while I was secretly all like, "These people really take this shit seriously!" another part of me superduper wanted to believe that if you think up these dream situations then they will eventually collide into your reality. Coincidentally (or not?) I tend to win things. Like random things. Like $20 on a scratch off or a nice prize at a raffle. In my head I am "a winner", and I actually win enough stuff that I joke with those around me in gaming situations that I will probably win because I am that person who wins things. But since I think I'm "a winner" (games winning, not Sheen winning) according to "The Secret" I'm asking for winning to come to me. Pretty simple I guess.

I think I had a point to this story...

Oh yeah! I'm secreting my way into a new business that will be wildly successful! You will not be able to stop buying the products! I will make a living making things! Amen.


So next Tuesday you should come see my friend Mollie have some work at the McConnell Arts Center. Then Thursday you can come see the Strands show at The Carnegie Gallery. Then if you're not doing anything next Saturday, you can see some PBR inspired artwork and see some awesome music at the Megacity Music Marathon (where I'll have a piece that I wanna enter to try for a FREE YEAR OF BEER!)!

I love you guys!!!