Saturday, March 5, 2011

Virtual Mayhem

So once you've played World of Warcraft, there's a virus that infects you that shows up at various times in your life like a canker sore. You could be washing dishes or driving to work and BAM! It hits you. But unlike a virus that just basically sucks, you miss WoW when you are separated from it and think warm, fuzzy thoughts about it. You start thinking about what your character could be accomplishing if you weren't washing dishes or driving your car... How many missed opportunities your character has endured because you were busy with "jobs".

Our family used to play a LOT many years ago, but life became crazy, and computers were needed for "important" things, and we just stopped playing. After I dropped one of my extra employment situations, WoW started speaking to me again, first in a whisper. "Shaaaron, there is a world of wonder waiting for you... I think there is a warrior inside you that needs to show herself..." It really did whisper that. Then it became like, "Sharon, seriously! Your job is stressful, you need to come home and kick some ass!" So, I gave in.

This is Dilda, my Dwarf Warrior.

Have you been doing more productive things, Sharon? Well, I just finished a piece for my dentist's office. It looks like this.

And I know this sounds weird, but there will be an actual reception on April 28th at the office because this guy has a KILLER collection (like he even has a HUGE Aminah Robinson piece!), so he's going to have a party and show off his stuff and try to get more clients. More details to come.

Later this week, I hope to show you the finished doll that I'm making for my friend Megan. Let's take a bet to see which comes first: Dilda leveling to 15 or Megan's doll being finished this week.

And lastly, I'm sick again. I will try to not infect you. No promises.


  1. I'm looking for a dentist. Guess I'll have to come and see if he takes my dental plan. I hope I'm invited! I do have artwork there!

  2. YES!!! You are indeed on the artist list!!! YAY! He wasn't officially on my provider list, but they somehow magically worked something out so my insurance is o.k. there. That office is awesome!