Friday, December 24, 2010

The Best Show EVER!!!

O.k., so after YEARS of not even a real television viewing situation, I now have CABLE! Yeah, we only have the basic package, but we have the most important station of all, Discovery Channel. And so I'm flipping through the stations last night in bed like real Americans do, and I find THIS on my favorite station. Hooooooly shit! It's like someone said, "What would be the most perfect show in the universe for Sharon!" Seriously. Really, the only shows I can stay awake for (besides Vampire Diaries) are the "finding the antique shit" shows, and Oddities has that AND crazy-ass, creepy-ass crap! It's kinda like Borgin and Burkes from Harry Potter. Squeeeeeeee!

Speaking of antiques, meet my new Christmas present!!! His name changes every day, but today I've been calling him "Raj" (he's an Indian elephant because he has small ears).

Really, it's after 10:00? Sigh... I'd better go. Work to do!



  1. Thanks for turning me on to Oddities! You might like this place if life takes you out to Californy someday