Monday, November 15, 2010

Wanna buy a house?

Checked off of my bucket list is "owning a home in my own name". Wow, not as glamorous as it sounds! So like every time we re-financed, it tacked on a gajillion dollars to our mortgage so that my real estate guy said, "You'll be lucky to not owe a few thousand at the closing." Awesome! But someone is going to get an amazing house that I've worked very hard at fixing up. That feels pretty good. Will that someone be you? Will you buy my house? I think you'll be happy here. And you just got brand new kitchen plumbing today!

Art-wise, not much is going on, besides color matching wall paint and cutting kitchen tiles. But that's cool too. Right? Right? Sigh...


  1. Oh sharon,
    I miss that house and i miss you. I want to catch up sometime soon. Being a dad is awesome and I'm loving my job still. I want to move back to Columbus but it's hard finding a good job these days. I call or write some type of letter soon. -Blinn