Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The September That I Almost Became a Bucket of Goo

Seriously. Perhaps not the "becoming of goo" of the whole physical body with all of the "systems" included, like the ever-rigid "skeletal system", but at least the "nervous system". Basically my "brain" and "brain stem" and the other stuff attached to the "brain" but not including the "nerves". Goo.

These are the "top 10" of the goo-inducing items, which if listed singly do not initiate a goo-making, but all of them together in one month... Goo.

1. Making 6 puppets with stands
2. Arranging a sculpture to make live for a beer-related event then making said sculpture while drinking beer
3. Painting and customizing a dummy then organizing a mediocre performance with said dummy
4. Making a collaborative art piece
5. Making 3 plush pieces
6. Re-financing the house
7. Preparing for a divorce
8. Obtaining a divorce
9. Getting tattooed wedding band covered up with a mind-blowing tattoo that made me cry happy tears of gratitude
10. Making another plush piece with stand

And that doesn't even include the full-time job and the part-time job! DUUUDE! But today I am FINISHED FOR SEPTEMBER!!! And October is looking all tumbleweedy by comparison. I hope you are saying silently to yourself, "You go, Sharon!" (you can take off the exclamation point if you're having trouble saying it silently)

I leave you with my PRODUCT OF THE MONTH (this is a feature that I just now made up). It's on the shelf by the lice shampoo, and if you have a SERIOUS issue with ped·i·cul·o·pho·bi·a as I do, then this is a gift from God stocked onto shelves by angels. Click on the image to go to their website.

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