Sunday, July 25, 2010


Dave is almost finished painting the bathroom. It's greeen! I can't wait to get new towels and other shit to go with the new walls and the new sink. There's sooooo much to do with this crazy house. The front yard is a JUNGLE! We're gonna level that, oh yeah, oh yeah. Guess what I hate to do? Garden. We lived with many people over the years with good gardening intentions, but now that I am queen of this house, it all GOES! If anyone wants to stop by and try to salvage any of the dying flowers or veggies, feel free. Guess what else is green besides my bathroom? Sod. Green is good.

Oh, yeah, guess what ELSE is green besides my bathroom and sod? Money. I'm gonna actually put the old store stuff in the new store and add a couple of things like the little heart devil that Daniel and I made and this cute bunny made out of matchboxes that I had in this show in Seattle called "Lit".

Oh yeah, oh yeah.


  1. I should totally take a picture for you! It's seriously unbelievable and a little scary. I think there are "things" living out there. And a pumpkin plant came back, and it's SUPER intense and taking up the whole yard. A few people started the garden this year, but then just stopped for one reason or another, and I just don't have time. I'm going to have a flower bed near the house and replant the lilies and some of the prettier plants, and Nora can re-plant some of the stuff out back. I wish you were here!