Saturday, July 10, 2010


ACK! So many shows coming up in such a short time!!! I get sooooo excited when there's a whirlwind of art-making that needs to happen. I wish I had a thing to fold space and time so's that I can squeeze a day that doesn't exist to anyone else here-and-there in between the real-life days. Two shows that I don't have up on the side yet are the next awesome installment of Por Vida (click on link for info!) and this cool fundraiser show organized by Columbus Artmobile called Exquisite Corpse. These are going to be awesome!

Just had an organizational meeting for the puppet show today, and we came up with a title. It's "Alternative Socks and String Theories". I think this is going to be soooo fun! Kelson is planning quite an elaborate four-act show. I have not written my script yet, but in my head it is cool. I think the shows will start around 8:30 that night. Don't know what Paul has planned yet. SQUEEEEEE!!!

Almost finished with the bodies for the pieces for the Plush You! show. I think me and the boyfriend are actually going to fly out for the show! I can't remember the last time I went on a trip. Magic.

I am loooooooving the new job. It is so hard, but sooooo rewarding. It's been difficult initially to "figure it all out", but I think it's all starting to click, and in another month it will all be off the hook! My co-workers are so awesome and amazing. I am blessed.

O.k., that's it for now. Must do a bunch of stuff then try to get to bed before midnight. SO MUCH TO DOOOOOOOOO!!!

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