Sunday, June 13, 2010


OMG! So much new in The Shaz's life! One of the biggies is a NEW JOB!!! I can't even believe it's a job! I get to work with an awesome group of people at Open Door Art Studio (the picture in this post is a portrait of me made by the AMAZING Wallace Peck!). I used to sell plush creatures there a couple of years ago (when I had time to make "extra" things), and I remember thinking, "MAN, this would be a DREAM job!", and secretly wishing something would happen to Ashley so that I could try to work there (just kidding, Ashley!). And then at the PERFECT TIME, a job opened up there! It's sooooooooo crazy!!!
I need to update the side bar and stuff and change the headings to match the NEW BANNER (which will double as business cards!), but one show that's not up there yet is the Plush You! show in Seattle in October. I just found out that I got in, and I know this is a pretty big deal, so I am truly humbled. I've already started on two pieces (out of three), and I hope they will stack up against the amazing folks that will be a part of this show.
I'm also still in the process of designing the puppet theater skirt for the puppet show at Wholly Craft. We have a meeting about that show coming up, and I am stooooooooked!
GARRRRRHHHHH!!! Everything is going unimaginably well right now. It's almost like living in a fairy tale. Everybody is super awesome. I love you!


  1. I sent your critter! And something special for you :D I will be listing the Snogg Goblins over the next few days ;)

  2. *Happy dance for Sharon* Glad things are looking up for ya!