Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh, Holy Mother of Pearl...

So, I helped Alissa build her "easy" to put together Ikea bed tonight. Three beers is about the long and short of that. I also discovered spitless tobacco. You, go, Shazzy! Not to mention the iTunes addiction. I guess things could be worse...

So, what you really want to do next Saturday, in addition to going to my friend Daniel's show at Rivet, is come see some effing brain-melting artwork at Sean Christopher Gallery. It's the Mother Artists at Work show called "Hard Labor". I really hope to have a piece finished in time, but my distractions are many at the moment, and I just totally fucked up the frame. Grrrr... And I don't even have a sketch on the panel or ARRRRRGH!!! In my mind it's awesome, but you'll have to come to the show to see what actually gets put on the wall.

Ummm... So just a couple of more days to see the show at Rivet where I have a couple of things among tons of GREAT stuff. I work there on Sunday. Totally come. I'll be finishing up my piece for the MAW show (that's what I HOPE to be doing anyway). Bring a project to work on, and hang out!!!

I will share more stuff soon!


  1. Thank you for helping me put my bed together and holding my hand! I love you!!!!!