Thursday, April 8, 2010

first REAL post!

What a motherf#@king whirlwind it's been.
Anyway, moving on...
"What's the story, Shaz?"
There's three parts to the story...
#1. I just really effing love puppets.
#2. I had been drinking when I came up with "yaysockpuppet".
#3. One of the first things I made that sparked my art flame (my "coming out" experience, if you will) was a sock puppet. I made a dozen of them as party favors for my older kid's fifth birthday party. I was fascinated that a sock could be resurrected as a plaything, an animated "being", a work of art. After that, I couldn't stop making stuff and drawing stuff and painting stuff. Funny how as your life gets MORE demanding you then find NEW time consuming activities that your soul needs in order to stay happy. I'm sure there's a Murphy's Law in there somewhere.

Anyway, I have a few fun shows coming up, but the one I'm pretty much thinking about every spare minute is the puppet show one at Wholly Craft. I have a GRAAAND idea for a self-contained puppet theater that I can't wait to show you. I hope you'll come.

Also stay tuned for a new banner up top. I need to make my first mind-blowing puppet to use in the place of the drawing. But first, I need to find a few more spare minutes...


  1. Your story is precious.
    I can't wait to see the puppet theater. Preview, please? Work in progress is my fave!!!!

  2. Blow my mind with puppets-- I can't wait!

  3. I like that you didn't leave the "other" puppets out! You rawk!!!