Friday, December 24, 2010

The Best Show EVER!!!

O.k., so after YEARS of not even a real television viewing situation, I now have CABLE! Yeah, we only have the basic package, but we have the most important station of all, Discovery Channel. And so I'm flipping through the stations last night in bed like real Americans do, and I find THIS on my favorite station. Hooooooly shit! It's like someone said, "What would be the most perfect show in the universe for Sharon!" Seriously. Really, the only shows I can stay awake for (besides Vampire Diaries) are the "finding the antique shit" shows, and Oddities has that AND crazy-ass, creepy-ass crap! It's kinda like Borgin and Burkes from Harry Potter. Squeeeeeeee!

Speaking of antiques, meet my new Christmas present!!! His name changes every day, but today I've been calling him "Raj" (he's an Indian elephant because he has small ears).

Really, it's after 10:00? Sigh... I'd better go. Work to do!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Holy Shit, Another Sale!

I just put a bunch more stuff in the store. And I reduced the prices of stuff that's been sitting there awhile. I'm sure there's someone on your list that needs a sock puppet? Or some other creepy somethingorother?

So I moved, and that's awesome except for my kid's bus stop being over a mile from my house. That's so not awesome. What's super awesome is all the wonderful help we received transporting our belongings. I couldn't believe how quick all the work went! I want you all to come over at some point to see the place! Just look for the most beautiful street in Old Towne East. Dave and I have matching desks next to each other in the office. Yes, it will make you throw up.

And the old house is now for rent. $1250 for a 4BR/2BA near campus. You should seriously consider this...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wanna buy a house?

Checked off of my bucket list is "owning a home in my own name". Wow, not as glamorous as it sounds! So like every time we re-financed, it tacked on a gajillion dollars to our mortgage so that my real estate guy said, "You'll be lucky to not owe a few thousand at the closing." Awesome! But someone is going to get an amazing house that I've worked very hard at fixing up. That feels pretty good. Will that someone be you? Will you buy my house? I think you'll be happy here. And you just got brand new kitchen plumbing today!

Art-wise, not much is going on, besides color matching wall paint and cutting kitchen tiles. But that's cool too. Right? Right? Sigh...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday and Saturday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So here we are again...

I am not just days but WEEKS past my 2nd job deadline, but I thought, "GREAT TIME TO BLOG!" My house is a forking TRAIN WRECK with the jobs and the kids and the, well, mostly those two things. Oh, and the move. Did I mention that we're moving? I'm pretty ridiculously STOKED! Did I mention that we will have CABLE? Whaaaaaaat??? I knowwwwwww! I want to sleep in front of the t.v. the first few weeks.

Did I mention that I still love my job? I really/truly do. I wish there was a way that I could be a millionaire though and just volunteer there and not have to do the godawful paperwork.

Hey, do you need a house to buy or rent? You should contact me if you do.

Did I mention that my boyfriend made me a plush bat for Halloween? Oh, MAN!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I like cats...

I didn't think it was possible. I'm allergic to them. But from a distance, HOLY COW, cats are cute! So instead of feeding them antifreeze, I suppose we'll take at least one cat with us when we move on December 1st to OLD TOWNE EAST!!! I'm super stoked to shed a house full of past and move on to a bright and shiny future in an adorable apartment. There will be a party after we unpack, and you can come if you want.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The September That I Almost Became a Bucket of Goo

Seriously. Perhaps not the "becoming of goo" of the whole physical body with all of the "systems" included, like the ever-rigid "skeletal system", but at least the "nervous system". Basically my "brain" and "brain stem" and the other stuff attached to the "brain" but not including the "nerves". Goo.

These are the "top 10" of the goo-inducing items, which if listed singly do not initiate a goo-making, but all of them together in one month... Goo.

1. Making 6 puppets with stands
2. Arranging a sculpture to make live for a beer-related event then making said sculpture while drinking beer
3. Painting and customizing a dummy then organizing a mediocre performance with said dummy
4. Making a collaborative art piece
5. Making 3 plush pieces
6. Re-financing the house
7. Preparing for a divorce
8. Obtaining a divorce
9. Getting tattooed wedding band covered up with a mind-blowing tattoo that made me cry happy tears of gratitude
10. Making another plush piece with stand

And that doesn't even include the full-time job and the part-time job! DUUUDE! But today I am FINISHED FOR SEPTEMBER!!! And October is looking all tumbleweedy by comparison. I hope you are saying silently to yourself, "You go, Sharon!" (you can take off the exclamation point if you're having trouble saying it silently)

I leave you with my PRODUCT OF THE MONTH (this is a feature that I just now made up). It's on the shelf by the lice shampoo, and if you have a SERIOUS issue with ped·i·cul·o·pho·bi·a as I do, then this is a gift from God stocked onto shelves by angels. Click on the image to go to their website.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The m-f-ing show is finally installed along with a seriously cheesyish goth window display with !20 YARDS! of black tulle that we put together. Holy crap! All of our stuff looks so cool with each other's stuff! I looove Kelson's (that's him in the picture up there) and Paul's puppets, but I had no idea the mind-blowingness of seeing so many awesome things in one space. I can't wait to see what people think. I only had three sock puppets totally completed, so I put those on their stands, and the other three will be there on Wednesday (the store is closed Monday and Tuesday). There will be a few other things too, I think. Now, to prepare my dummy Ambrose for his performance!

More puppet news! At Open Door Art Studio I've been working with my friend Randall making finger puppets based on his drawings. We've been selling these little creations called "Ran-Dollz" for ten bucks a pop. They're pretty cute. Randall picks the sketch to use, the fabric, the notions, then I just sew it up for him. If you're in the market for a finger puppet, totally stop by and take a look. Try to come by in the afternoon (1:30-4:30 T-F) so you can meet Randall, he totally rules.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Stuffs

So, have I bugged you enough about the mother effing puppet show? So, we install it on Sunday, but the "event" is Friday the 17th. That's when the people in the show will do a performance with their puppets, and you totally want to be there! I just peeked at Kelson's theater that he just built for his show, and it is FABULOUS! I have no idea what Paul is doing, but I have a bet it will be disturbing and inappropriate. I am customizing a vintage dummy to use for my performance, and the dummy will HAVE HIS OWN SOCK PUPPET! I am not clear what our act will be like, but I've gone through it in my head, and to be honest, I am somewhat frightened at what might come out of my dummy's (Ambrose) mouth. He truly DOES have a mind of his own!

THEEEEENNNNNNNNN!!! As soon as that is installed, I am finishing up plush pieces to send to Seattle THEN making sketches for the Pabst Blue Rendezvous. I was so happy to be invited to do this again because I get to work next to adopted sibling Dan Gerdeman for a whole day once more!

Oops, forgot about the Exquisite Corpse show at ARTillery. That's also coming up soon. CRAP! I need to get busy. But first, some coffee...

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Obsession and SALE!

OMG! So we all had to do some raku stuff for the last show, and I was all like, "Um, none of us are ceramicists. Why is this a good idea?" THEN, after making some clay pieces and glazing them, and best yet, FIRING THEM, I'm like, "HOLY SHIT! I NEED TO MAKE MORE!!!" So my co-worker, Allison Buenger is gonna sell me a broken regular kiln to make a DIY raku kiln. And this isn't one of those things where the thrill wears off in a week like the dozens of other "great ideas" (I thought you were insane for making lampwork doll eyes a month ago, Sharon...) (Shut up! I still might make glass doll eyes. You don't know. You don't know me.)

So there's that. ANNNNNNND I just put some new junk in the new store (some old junk too). Actually, it's all old junk left over from shows, but that just means everything is SALE PRICED! That's right, SALE PRICED! And there's a bunch of other shows coming up too, so check back around holiday shopping time for some other REJECTS!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

While you were sleeping...

I go to bed pretty early. My kids stay up super late. I never know what they've been up to until I check the web history in the morning or go downstairs to see if anything's been set on fire.

This morning I awoke to find Siamese twins on my bedroom floor.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Dave is almost finished painting the bathroom. It's greeen! I can't wait to get new towels and other shit to go with the new walls and the new sink. There's sooooo much to do with this crazy house. The front yard is a JUNGLE! We're gonna level that, oh yeah, oh yeah. Guess what I hate to do? Garden. We lived with many people over the years with good gardening intentions, but now that I am queen of this house, it all GOES! If anyone wants to stop by and try to salvage any of the dying flowers or veggies, feel free. Guess what else is green besides my bathroom? Sod. Green is good.

Oh, yeah, guess what ELSE is green besides my bathroom and sod? Money. I'm gonna actually put the old store stuff in the new store and add a couple of things like the little heart devil that Daniel and I made and this cute bunny made out of matchboxes that I had in this show in Seattle called "Lit".

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


ACK! So many shows coming up in such a short time!!! I get sooooo excited when there's a whirlwind of art-making that needs to happen. I wish I had a thing to fold space and time so's that I can squeeze a day that doesn't exist to anyone else here-and-there in between the real-life days. Two shows that I don't have up on the side yet are the next awesome installment of Por Vida (click on link for info!) and this cool fundraiser show organized by Columbus Artmobile called Exquisite Corpse. These are going to be awesome!

Just had an organizational meeting for the puppet show today, and we came up with a title. It's "Alternative Socks and String Theories". I think this is going to be soooo fun! Kelson is planning quite an elaborate four-act show. I have not written my script yet, but in my head it is cool. I think the shows will start around 8:30 that night. Don't know what Paul has planned yet. SQUEEEEEE!!!

Almost finished with the bodies for the pieces for the Plush You! show. I think me and the boyfriend are actually going to fly out for the show! I can't remember the last time I went on a trip. Magic.

I am loooooooving the new job. It is so hard, but sooooo rewarding. It's been difficult initially to "figure it all out", but I think it's all starting to click, and in another month it will all be off the hook! My co-workers are so awesome and amazing. I am blessed.

O.k., that's it for now. Must do a bunch of stuff then try to get to bed before midnight. SO MUCH TO DOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


OMG! So much new in The Shaz's life! One of the biggies is a NEW JOB!!! I can't even believe it's a job! I get to work with an awesome group of people at Open Door Art Studio (the picture in this post is a portrait of me made by the AMAZING Wallace Peck!). I used to sell plush creatures there a couple of years ago (when I had time to make "extra" things), and I remember thinking, "MAN, this would be a DREAM job!", and secretly wishing something would happen to Ashley so that I could try to work there (just kidding, Ashley!). And then at the PERFECT TIME, a job opened up there! It's sooooooooo crazy!!!
I need to update the side bar and stuff and change the headings to match the NEW BANNER (which will double as business cards!), but one show that's not up there yet is the Plush You! show in Seattle in October. I just found out that I got in, and I know this is a pretty big deal, so I am truly humbled. I've already started on two pieces (out of three), and I hope they will stack up against the amazing folks that will be a part of this show.
I'm also still in the process of designing the puppet theater skirt for the puppet show at Wholly Craft. We have a meeting about that show coming up, and I am stooooooooked!
GARRRRRHHHHH!!! Everything is going unimaginably well right now. It's almost like living in a fairy tale. Everybody is super awesome. I love you!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So, if you couldn't figure out this one on your own, being a full-time-working single mom who HAS to find time to make things in order to keep sane is supersucky. It's pretty much a stick of poo wrapped up in guilt and regret. Where do you get more time? It just doesn't happen. I seriously need to meet a wizard.

Anyway, so Walker at Columbus Underground did a little interview if you want to read it. HERE's the link.

See you tonight at Sean Christopher Gallery!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh, Holy Mother of Pearl...

So, I helped Alissa build her "easy" to put together Ikea bed tonight. Three beers is about the long and short of that. I also discovered spitless tobacco. You, go, Shazzy! Not to mention the iTunes addiction. I guess things could be worse...

So, what you really want to do next Saturday, in addition to going to my friend Daniel's show at Rivet, is come see some effing brain-melting artwork at Sean Christopher Gallery. It's the Mother Artists at Work show called "Hard Labor". I really hope to have a piece finished in time, but my distractions are many at the moment, and I just totally fucked up the frame. Grrrr... And I don't even have a sketch on the panel or ARRRRRGH!!! In my mind it's awesome, but you'll have to come to the show to see what actually gets put on the wall.

Ummm... So just a couple of more days to see the show at Rivet where I have a couple of things among tons of GREAT stuff. I work there on Sunday. Totally come. I'll be finishing up my piece for the MAW show (that's what I HOPE to be doing anyway). Bring a project to work on, and hang out!!!

I will share more stuff soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

first REAL post!

What a motherf#@king whirlwind it's been.
Anyway, moving on...
"What's the story, Shaz?"
There's three parts to the story...
#1. I just really effing love puppets.
#2. I had been drinking when I came up with "yaysockpuppet".
#3. One of the first things I made that sparked my art flame (my "coming out" experience, if you will) was a sock puppet. I made a dozen of them as party favors for my older kid's fifth birthday party. I was fascinated that a sock could be resurrected as a plaything, an animated "being", a work of art. After that, I couldn't stop making stuff and drawing stuff and painting stuff. Funny how as your life gets MORE demanding you then find NEW time consuming activities that your soul needs in order to stay happy. I'm sure there's a Murphy's Law in there somewhere.

Anyway, I have a few fun shows coming up, but the one I'm pretty much thinking about every spare minute is the puppet show one at Wholly Craft. I have a GRAAAND idea for a self-contained puppet theater that I can't wait to show you. I hope you'll come.

Also stay tuned for a new banner up top. I need to make my first mind-blowing puppet to use in the place of the drawing. But first, I need to find a few more spare minutes...